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What do we offer?

How many people do you know who don't have a mobile devise with them when ever possible? I can say honestly not many. In today's world smart phones have become the norm for many. I can remember back in the day when we would have to count our minutes and make calls after 7 pm when the minutes would become unlimited. Not long ago in 2012 the average cellphone bill was $80 In 2012 a smart phone could not do a fraction of the many things one can do in 2016, yet the price for service has dropped and one company that can take a lot of credit for that drop in prices was Solavei. Many now have phones that cost upward for $800 at retail prices used to make calls, take pictures, send and receive text messages, video chat, watch movies, share pictures, play games and many other functions, some companies will even offer those phones at price's well under retail as long as you use their network and until the phone have been paid for or sign a two year contract. On Sept. 21, 2012 Solavei in partnership with T Mobile was launched and it introduced to the USA unlimited voice, data and text for $49 or free. It was a great opportunity for the average person to eliminate their cellphone bill and even share in the revenue for helping to grow the companies membership. Thousands took the opportunity, understanding the old saying “a penny saved is a penny earned”. Some began making thousands of residual income each month, some making hundreds, some just eliminating their bill and some just paying less. Everything was going great membership grew and so did the revenue members earned for many it was the first time they had ever made any money in network marketing. Many had found a company that was offering almost anyone with a cellphone the opportunity to earn a unlimited residual income without asking anyone to spend extra money or selling a product or service that people really did not need or want at high prices. It did not cost thousands of dollars to start this business. In fact the only cost was the first month cellphone bill $49. This to me was not the normal way that a capitalist economic system worked, in my opinion this way of earning income was the closer to a socialist economic system sharing revenue where the company will reward it's membership monetarily you for helping to grow the business by teaching other people how save money on their cellphone bill and/or even earn a residual income, to me it is a win win for everyone. Solavei, T Mobile and the Members. Back in 20012 and also in today's economy most people will agree that many people could use an extra $100 to $400 each month. Most people have no idea how to make that happen other then look for another full or part time job which are not easy to find. And if one does find that job, you will now spend less time at home, less time with the people who mean the most to you and less time to enjoy doing the things that give you joy, peace and happiness. Solavei shut down it's operation on November 5, 2015 because of some business decisions that would not allow it to sustain its operation to offer mobile service to its membership. Prior to the end of Solavei some of it's members could see that the business model was great but because of the mistakes made by Solavei it just would not last long so they got together to start another company using AT&T's 4G LTE nationwide network. GCN Wireless began in March of 2015 and it is driven by the desire to create the type of company that we hoped those other companies would have been. I am grateful for the founding of Solavei and the opportunity it gave me and thousands of others who saw the opportunity and acted. I have not had to pay a cellphone bill for over 3 years, I have helped hundreds save money and taught a few how to be an entrepreneur and have earned several thousands of dollars and because of GCN Wireless that continues today. Many will look at this company and will say this is not a real business, because it did not cost thousands of dollars to start. It does not have a building, he don't have employees, it does not have any monthly overhead, etc. and some will even say well this not a Black owned business, and that is because they just don't know what a real business is in this modern era of mobile technology, many are stuck in the days when you did need a lot of the things in place that we don't need today, for them to look at it as a real business. This is the age of technology and service either you will work on a job that offers one or the other or both. The industrial age is gone, today we have companies like UBER that allows the average person can be apart of, if they have an automobile and smartphone. This is also the era of free mobile cellphone service, GCN wireless is not the first to offer the opportunity to get free service and I am sure it will not be the last. I also know that those of us who want more in life then to just to survive, those who see the vision of this company and see the opportunity that modern technology offers us all through GCN Wireless and take action, will be financially rewarded with the a residual income that will allow them to have the money and time to do the things at give them joy, peace and happiness... There are no guarantees in any business just as there is no guarantee your job will be here next week. After 100 years Pleasants Hardware is closing and Macy's is closing two stores in the Richmond, Va area, Sports Authority is closing and many more will be closing and cutting back it's payroll, one reason is that more people are buying online everyday. There is no guarantee that you will make any money in network marketing unless you put in the time and effort, but I can assure you that if you do nothing you will get nothing. Network marketing is a way to generate a very nice income if you have the product and or the service that almost everyone needs, has and can not be without. I know that is what we have through GCN. If you desire we will be glad to show you how to get free mobile and earn a income that can set you free if you desire to be...

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Residual income or Active income?

You have probably heard the expression that “the rich get richer while the poor get poorer.” The reason it happens is because the rich focus on a completely different way of earning money. There are thousands of stories about poor people who accumulated great riches and this choice is available to you if you are reading this. Daymond John, Warren Buffett, the late great Prince, and Oprah were not born into riches. Yet over their lifetimes they’ve amassed huge personal fortunes. This is because they understand and use the power of leverage through residual income like we’ll talk about today. What Is Active Income? Active income comes as a direct result of our efforts. This is when we work for one hour and get paid a certain amount for that hours work. This can be seen in wages, salaries, and self-employed service providers like lawyers or doctors. There are many people who get paid vast amounts of money to become the CEO of a company, play professional sports, a musical performer or star in a movie. Earning a high active income is often a lot of hard work and requires a dedication beyond most of us. It’s also limited because no matter how much money you get paid you still need to show up to work to earn your money unless your have a contract that pays you for reruns or copyrights. What Is Residual (Or Passive) Income? Residual income is when you continue to get paid after the work is done. This includes royalties from books, movies, or songs and also income that comes from real estate or business investments where you don’t actually have to be present to earn it. For example, Bill Gates is still making a residual income from Microsoft even though he isn’t working there anymore. Residual income comes from building an asset that continues to pay you after the work has been done. A book, movie or song is an asset to the people earning royalties from it. A house is an asset to the landlord being paid rent and a business is an asset to the business owner who does not need to be involved in the day-to-day activities anymore. The Passive Income Myth Many people talk about passive income and create the impression that you never have to do anything to keep that income going. The truth is that no business and run it self, you will normally have to keep your eye on things if you want it to run smoothly. For example Daymond John doesn’t run any of the companies he started but he goes over the numbers each day to make sure they’re performing well and calls the CEO if there are any problems.
There is also an idea that we should work to build a passive income asset and then sit on the beach relaxing for the rest of our lives. The truth is that most people would get extremely bored with this scenario and will be eager to find something to do. That’s why the world’s billionaires continue to work… they love what they do and it stopped being about the money a long time ago. How To Build Residual Or Passive Income The key idea here is leverage. You must be able to leverage other people’s time or other people’s money in order to create a residual income. people like Daymond John can run 20+ companies because he isn’t actually running all of them at all. His CEOs are. To create residual income, you need to create something that people will continue to buy on a regular basis long after you’ve created it. A house is a prime example of this as people will continue to pay rent for the right to live in the house. A business needs to have products that are sold over and over again rather than trading the business owner’s time for money. The products might be an item that has been created and can be duplicated or it might be the time of other people. For example, a dentist can only make so much income trading their time for money but when they bring on other dentists they will start to leverage their results to build residual income. Another examples are a barber who owns the shop and rents out booths to other barbers. A cellphone company that provides monthly mobile service to it customers who pay their bill each month, the company only had to do the sell the service one time. The First Steps To Creating Residual Income The first thing is to be aware of how you work for active or residual income. Then you want to decide a path that transitions from active to residual income over time. It’s hard to start a new business and create residual income tomorrow so you have to have some patience. You will need to associate with people who have a like mindset you will loose friends and people will think something is wrong with you. Everyone will not see what you see and that is okay because when they see your life style change because you made the choice to start your own Multi level Marketing Business they will wish they could do what you decided to do, take back your life. As you make more residual income you can start to scale back the hours you put into active income. This will mean your residual income will grow even faster once you pay it more attention. As Jim Rohn was famous for saying: “I’m working full-time on my job and part time on my fortune. But it won’t be long before I’m working full-time on my fortune. Can you imagine what your life will look like?” If you want to have more out of life then working for wages and learn what we do to create wealth click here

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The widening income gap continues

The-racial-wealth-gap-is-ruining-black-brown-american-families-video/  click to learn more. Then ask yourself what can you do different to increase your revenue? We have a better way we can show you how to turn your mobile cellphone into an asset instead of it being a liability... contact me for more information about how we can help